Motto: Knowledge And Goodness

About Us

The school began on 8th sept 2008. the school swing into operation in all section from day one. while beginning, the school faced allot of handles but survived it even stronger within the the time operation, the school has performed excellently well in all ramification and, the awards of excellence won in various competitions can attest to that, meanwhile we are still waxing strong the school received Government approval on November 2th 2012 The school has progressed to have two major campus and is still counting.


To provide an academic environment where students are inspired with deep-seated interest for excellence. At the end to achieve success, parental joy, staff accomplishment and societal well-being.


Holy Spirit International Schools Omagba is committed to provide maximum educational room for all student, to enable them build a brighter future for themselves through stimulating academic forum to meet up to current status Quo Via combined effort of the staff and students


Our Curriculum is based on the National philosophy on education integrated with British and American curriculum. it's practical aspect is based on Maria Montessori system of education, whereby the child is guided, directed, supervised and allowed to discover and acquire learning experiences under guided and conducive learning environment.

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